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Choose a superior quality condo

Not only are the condos from Rouge extremely customisable, but they are the only ones that offer the highest standard of construction at an affordable price in the centre of Montréal.

In addition to their materials and comfort-centred design, each of our units offers you high-level acoustic and thermal insulation.

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Opt for high-end design

Opt for high-end design

First, Rouge Condominiums offers much more efficient exterior walls than the competition. With facades filled with 6” of insulation and approximately 2” of urethane and/or mineral wool, as well as highly energy-efficient aluminum windows, we offer superior thermal insulation.

And the same goes for each unit’s walls and floors, the quality and thickness of which offer acoustic insulation that are unique at this price. And don’t forget that the ceilings of your future condo will feature a smooth plaster finish.

With a generous fenestration, a balcony or a terrace (in most cases) and spacious rooms, every unit bears the hallmark of an upmarket condo.

Equipped with ultra high-speed fibre optics for telephone, TV and Internet, as well as a forced air highly efficient air-conditioning system distributed in each room (wall-mounted air-conditionner for lofts and 3½) your condo will come with high-performance technology that will stand the test of time. All the units also come standard with an alarm system.

A comfortable building that's built to last

A comfortable building that’s built to last

The Rouge Condominiums new condo project is meant to be a long-term investment. This is why we chose a reinforced concrete structure and 9-inch thick slabs. Plus, like the facades, the roof, constructed with 6-inch rigid insulation, also offers high energy-efficiency.

Add to this a state-of-the-art security system, two fast elevators that can travel at 350 feet per minute, storage spaces and bicycle storage for every co-owner, a garden designed with trees, paths and vegetation—and you have the exceptional quality and comfort of Rouge Condominiums.

Rouge Condo : unique architecture

Unique architecture

Rouge Condominiums brings together utility and pleasure: construction centred on comfort and durability as well as upmarket, distinguished design with striking architectural lines. Both sophisticated and perfectly functional, the project’s buildings enhance Montréal’s landscape while defining Le Triangle’s skyline.

The common areas further this vision. The lobby, the recreational areas and the fitness facilities will brighten up your daily life.

Rouge Condo : small environmental footprint

Small environmental footprint

The design, materials and first-rate construction make Montréal’s Rouge Condominiums new condo project extraordinarily energy efficient. A variety of devices make it a benchmark for low environmental impact in Montréal.

In addition to their exterior walls, windows, concrete slabs and well-insulated roofs, the project’s buildings are equipped with a very high-efficiency shared hot water system that reduces operating expenses and eliminates the need to change the tank every ten years. Each floor is also provided with a garbage chute and a recycling compactor and selector for sorting at the source.

Moreover, in Phases 5 and 6, green roofs and a reflecting main roof will reduce heat island effects.

Choose to help protect the environment with Rouge Condominiums!