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Devmont and Communauto: letting your money travel further.

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Rouge and Communauto: a unique, exclusive partnership

Devmont and Communauto: a unique, exclusive partnership

Rouge is proud to present a first in Montreal: its carsharing program with indoor parking in collaboration with Communauto, the popular carsharing service. This very beneficial partnership allows interested owners to save the $27,500 required to purchase a parking space and easily access a car at low cost. It’s our way of encouraging public transit and reducing the amount of cars on our roads. In short, it’s our way of helping the planet!

  • Exclusively for owners of Rouge condos in Phases 5 and 6: a minimum of two cars available at all times in the building’s indoor parking garage.

  • Devmont will pay the $500 membership fee and offer an additional $300 in user fees for four years to owners who do not have a parking spot, and $100 for three years to those who do.

  • Communauto will offer its annual membership at $40 for three years.

Join the Communauto community and take advantage of this practical, economical and environmentally friendly service!